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What Lies Upstream

What Lies Upstream (2017)
What Lies Upstream posterRating: 8.6/10 (1,391 votes)
Director: Cullen Hoback
Writer: Cullen Hoback
Stars: Dr. Marc Edwards, Dr. Rahul Gupta, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, Cullen Hoback
Runtime: 85 min
Rated: TV-14
Genre: Documentary, Mystery
Released: 20 Jan 2017
Plot: In this scandalous political thriller, an investigation into a chemical spill spirals into an indictment of the entire system meant to protect drinking water, revealing cover-ups at the highest levels of government.

What Lies Upstream

What Lies Upstream is in this conventional detective tale, investigative filmmaker cullen hoback travels to west virginia to discover the fact at the back of a huge chemical spill that left 300,000 humans with out ingesting water for months. however whilst hoback discovers an obscene collusion between chemical organizations and the very best ranges of presidency, the research spirals in a terrifying course, and we analyze the horrifying truth approximately what lies upstream people all.

User Reviews

what i noticed in this film has stunned me to every bone in my frame. “chemical valley?” jesus, the water is secure to drink or to apply but not safe to the pregnant ladies” what kind of american common sense is this. the departmentof wv most effective proved itself as a moronic, useless, purposeless bureaucratic authority. all the governmental officials, company proprietors, all of the individuals of each country and federal elected participants had been only a mixture of liars and morons. american felony systems were polluted and managed by the special hobby lobbyists. there’s no hope at all in the foreseeable destiny since america is controlled via those humans, liars and morons. politicians handiest self helping themselves and people who donate their campaign funds. consuming water is the 2nd critical aspect to human beings other than air, but the folks that run the government do not give a damn, they sincerely could not care less. i just can’t consider individuals nonetheless experience so proud to accuse china to poison their human beings however fail to comprehend they are also the sufferers of their awful governments, no longer just wv or flint, ohio or flint, michigan, it is everywhere. epa? i may want to handiest say it’s only better than not anything. more cancers, greater revenues and profits to insurance companies and pharmaceutical groups. more health issues? higher extra than much less, in any other case the lobbyists might not preserve swarming to washington d.c.. we, the not unusual citizens, are not any higher than the chinese language, poisons are all over the international.

recollect the precedented environmental book, “silent spring” published on oct 22, 2002 via rachel carson and linda lear? they have got pointed out that the us were polluted so seriously, so whilst spring came, the entire environmental nature around the ones closely polluted regions had been so silent without any active creatures in the creeks, the streams, in the dust, on the floor and at the bushes? it’s a 2002 ebook that had wakened a variety of people to sooner or later understand the horrible aftermath resulting from the ones chemical factories. but in 2017 and 2018, these horrible things fatally affecting the lives of americans are nevertheless there, nothing changed or advanced. you don’t ought to fear about how horrible the nuclear iciness would be, earlier than nuclear warfare, these poisonous chemical compounds might have either killed you or given you numerous cancers.

amongst all of the liars we’ve got visible in this film, the worst one is dr. rahul gupta. just inside years, he has turn out to be a turncoat from a normal person with sense of right and wrong into a licensed liar. another case in point of ways human beings would exchange absolutely and shifted to the alternative aspect against his humans as soon as he was promoted to a brand new governing process with higher salary. dr. rahul gupta have to feel embarrassment about himself. and how approximately the potus? you inform me, man. you elected him, so you deserve the guy who deregulated nearly all of the environmental legal guidelines and make sure your lifestyles and fitness better and secure than ever. you must re-pick him for his second time period. what sort of electorate can have what form of government; you virtually deserve it. “god bless america” isn’t always just a slogan or wishful questioning, it is a fact and sure factor.

these sort of documentary films are just too depressed and too annoying to look at, because once you watched, the desire for the future became absolutely lost.

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