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The Way We Were (2018)

The Way We Were (2018–)
The Way We Were posterRating: N/A/10 (N/A votes)
Director: N/A
Writer: N/A
Stars: Yan Tang, Shudan Wang, Austin Manley, Jin Luo
Runtime: N/A
Rated: N/A
Genre: Drama
Released: N/A
Plot: This teleplay tells a story about a group of Chinese post-90s who study abroad. In this materialistic society, they have been lost in desire and have once lost their pure youth, then there ...

The Way We Were (2018)

The story follows six students studying abroad, chasing their dreams and becoming the elites of their respective majors. Shu Che and Miao Ying were originally a couple, but Shu Che’s father forced them to separate, seeing how her family doesn’t benefit his side at all. He then meets Xiao Qing, a smart and independent girl who rises to the top based on her own efforts. The two fall in love but a crisis comes their way. Shu Che becomes involved in exposing his dad’s criminal activity and Xiao Qing is caught in between as a witness. Ultimately, the culprit is revealed and there’s a heavy price to pay. Everyone grows up in the process, understanding humanity and the value of life, returning to the path of justice.


  • Tiffany Tang as Xiao Qing (萧清)
An aspiring law practitioner.
  • Luo Jin as Shu Che (书澈)
Son of a politician, and a law practitioner.
  • Yu Jiwei as Ning Ming (宁鸣)
A guy with an ordinary background. His crush on Miao Ying spurs him to work hard in life.
  • Xu Lingyue as Miao Ying (缪盈)
Shu Che’s ex-girlfriend. A woman of outstanding family background and appearance.
  • Wang Tianchen as Cheng Ran (成然)
Miao Ying’s younger brother. A rebellious youth who has lacked familial love.
  • Ma Chengcheng as Lü Ka (绿卡)
Cheng Ran’s “wife”, who conned him into a fake marriage due to her crush on him.


  • Wang Zhiwen as Shu Wang (书望), Shu Che’s father. An ambitious politician with grey areas of income.
  • Shi Ke as Yu Wen (毓文), Shu Che’s mother
  • Zhang Xilin as Cheng Wei (成伟), Miao Ying’s father
  • Shi Jingming as He Yan (何晏), Xiao Qing’s father. A honest and upright prosecutor.
  • Zhang Kaili as Xiao Yun (萧云), Xiao Qing’s mother.
  • Qu Shanshan as Liu Caiqi (刘彩琪)
  • Gao Liwen as Monica (莫妮卡), Xiao Qing’s landlord.
  • Lily Ho as Catherine (凯瑟琳), Xiao Qing’s roommate and Benjamin’s girlfriend.
  • Kent Leung as Benjamin (刘彩琪), Xiao Qing’s roommate and Catherine’s boyfriend.
  • Shan Mingkai as Assistant Wang (本杰明), Shu Wang’s assistant.
  • Wang Ji as Monica’s mother
  • Xu Kaicheng as William (威廉)

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