Sweet Housekeeper (2015)

Sweet Housekeeper (2015)

Isabella Helps Sweetheart revolve around Sang-soo with five jobs in a busy and hectic week, one day he receives a gift called Pinky. Inside a girl with help from the house for him. For a person like Sang-soo, no time for the family job, that you like that you like Pinky as a family manager and more than that, …..

Sweet Housekeeper 18+ 2015 HD , 18+ genre, Comedy, Psychology. Content She Helps Sweetheart: “Sweet Housekeeper 18+ revolves around Sang-soo with five jobs in a week. It’s really hard and busy, one day he gets a gift package called Pinky. Inside a maid arrives for help in the house for him. For a man like Sang-soo, having no time for family work, he is grateful to have Pinky as a butler and more. And so


Yeong Geon, Yeon Song-ha, Aino Kishi, Park In-soo

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