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Step Brother 2 (2018)

Step Brother 2 (2018)

What about you? It is not my family yet! Democracy that lived alone with my mom without father. One day Mom introduces a new dad. And even my new brother … After a while, Democrats will live with my mother in the house of my new father. I try to solve the confused mind with the sex with the boyfriend, but the mind is still empty. However, the democracy, which is gradually attracted to the warm heart of my new brother who lived with me, tries to give him sex.

Yun Ju, who is working as a stewardess, comes to the middle school alumni ceremony in 10 years.
Formal appearance which became wonderful appearance that former appearance was not found.
YoonJu tried to refuse the formal statement that he had already married, but in the end

The movie ends with his return to the strip club to see the woman he fell in love with again. She greets him fondly but interacts with him the way she did when they first met, as a stripper and a client ordering a lap dance.

Because the film is shown in a non-linear format, it is left to the viewer to interpret the ending as they choose. One could believe that the film ends with the meeting at the strip club and a chance for the two characters to have a real relationship together, or one could believe that the strip club meeting occurred earlier in time and the film ends with the characters going their separate ways in life.

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