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Beirut (2018)

Beirut (2018)
Beirut posterRating: 6.5/10 (1,631 votes)
Director: Brad Anderson
Writer: Tony Gilroy
Stars: Rosamund Pike, Jon Hamm, Mark Pellegrino, Dean Norris
Runtime: 109 min
Rated: R
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Released: 11 Apr 2018
Plot: Caught in the crossfires of civil war, CIA operatives must send a former U.S. diplomat to negotiate for the life of a friend he left behind.

Beirut (2018)

Storyline Beirut: Mason Skiles had a great life as a diplomat in Beirut. He and his wife, Nadia, live in a beautiful house and have been mentoring a thirteen year-old Palestinian boy named Karim. The opening scene is a party that the Stiles are hosting for other dignitaries. Karim is helping out serving the guests. When a CIA friend of Mason, Cal, comes to the party he is interested only in taking Karim in for questioning about an older brother Mason doesn’t know about. What happens that night changes Mason’s life forever, along several others at the party…

Director: Brad Anderson
Writer: Tony Gilroy
Stars: Rosamund Pike, Jon Hamm, Mark Pellegrino


Thoughtful, tense thriller – ignore the haters with irrelevant agendas

Where this film was shot is irrelevant. “Casablanca” was short on the Warner Bros. lot, so what — it’s garbage?”Beirut” is a complex, multi-layered thriller, reminiscent of conspiracy thrillers of the ’70s. But unlike those earlier thrillers, which though much beloved by me are somewhat dated by their breathless realization that governments lie and conspire and murder, “Beirut” tells its story with a modern sensibility. Yes, CIA was complicit in so much, but individual human beings, even those in CIA, lived and loved and aspired to connect to the people around them — in this case, the people of Lebanon. Is everyone in the cast Lebanese? I don’t know. But I suspect a search through the IMDB cast list will reveal much more authenticity in the casting than the naysayers here complain about. And remember, Beirut was considered the Paris of the Middle East, a cosmopolitan crossroads of cultures. Within the confines of a taut story about the kidnapping of a CIA officer and an outsider’s attempt to rescue him while still maintaining some sense of dignity for himself and for the locals he’s known for years, the film expertly capture the sadness of a semi-paradise turned hell.Jon Hamm, Rosamund Pike and the rest of the cast are excellent. This is a story about American actions in a foreign land. There’s enough blame to go around — CIA, Mossad, the White House — all have their competing agendas. That this American film focuses on American CIA and State Dept. characters, and a couple of key Lebanese characters, is hardly a weak point.

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