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Battle Of Surabaya

Battle Surabaya

Battle Surabaya talks about Directed by Aryanto Yuniawan Produced by M. Suyanto Aryanto Yuniawan Written by M. Suyanto Aryanto Yuniawan Based on Battle of Surabaya Starring Reza Rahadian Keagan Kang Maudy Ayunda Marlon Dance-Hooi Joe Murray Alistair Hendry Production company STMIK Amikom MSV Pictures Release date 20 August 2015 Country Indonesia Language Bahasa Indonesia and English Battle of Surabaya is a 2015 Indonesian animated war drama film, produced by MSV Pictures. It is directed by Aryanto Yuniawan and produced by M. Suyanto.[1] It won Most People’s Choice Award in the International Movie Trailer Festival (IMTF)



On 17 August 1945, Soekarno and Hatta declared the independence of Indonesia in Jakarta, two days after the Japanese emperor’s surrender in the Pacific. As the news about the independence declaration spread throughout the archipelago, ordinary Indonesians felt a sense of freedom that led most to regard themselves as pro-Republican.[5] In the following weeks, power vacuums existed, both from outside and within Indonesia, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty, but also one of opportunity.[6] On 19 September 1945, a group of Dutch internees supported by the Japanese raised the Dutch flag outside the Hotel Yamato (formerly Hotel Oranje, now Hotel Majapahit) in Surabaya, East Java. This provoked nationalist Indonesian militia, who overran the Dutch and Japanese and tore off the blue part of the Dutch flag, changing it into the Indonesian flag.[7] The leader of the Dutch group, Mr Ploegman, was killed because of mass anger.[7]

A defiant Bung Tomo in Surabaya, one of the most revered revolutionary leaders, wearing Imperial Japanese Army uniform. This photo became an iconic image of the revolution.[8]

The senior Japanese commander in Surabaya, Vice Admiral Shibata Yaichiro, threw his support for the Republicans and gave Indonesians ready access to arms.[2] On 3 October, he surrendered to a Dutch Navycaptain, the first Allied representative to arrive. Yaichiro ordered his forces to hand over their remaining weapons to the Indonesians. The Indonesians were expected to hand them to the newly-arrived Allied troops but neglected or were unwilling to do so.[2]

British forces brought in a small Dutch military contingent which it termed the Netherlands Indies Civil Administration (NICA). The British became worried about the increasing boldness and apparent strength of the nationalists, who attacked demoralised Japanese garrisons across the archipelago with rudimentary weapons such as bamboo spears to seize their arms.[citation needed] The main goals of British troops in Surabaya were seizing weapons from Japanese troops and Indonesian militia, taking care of former prisoners-of-war (POWs), and sending the remaining Japanese troops back to Japan.

In September and October 1945 a series of incidents took place involving pro-Dutch Eurasians, and atrocities were committed by Indonesian mobs against European internees.[9] In late October and early November, the leadership of the mass Muslim organisations Nahdlatul Ulama and Masyumi declared that war in defence of the Indonesian fatherland was Holy War, and thus an obligation for all Muslims. Kyai and their students began to stream into Surabaya from Islamic boarding schools throughout East Java. The charismatic Bung Tomo made use of local radio to encourage an atmosphere of fanatical revolutionary fervor across the city.[2] Six thousand British Indian troops were sent into the city on 25 October to evacuate European internees and within three days fighting began.[2] After heavy fighting between the British Indian forces and around 20,000 Indonesian armed regulars of the newly formed People’s Security Army (TKR) and mobs of 70,000–140,000 people, the British flew in the influential President Sukarno, Vice-President Hatta and his ministers Amir Sjarifuddin, and a ceasefire was achieved on 30 October

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